Month: October 2012

Didn't See It.

I have some fans who want to know what I have to say about tonight's episode of The Two Lying Bastards Show.

Well, I missed it. And it's not as funny as it used to be anyway. I think it really jumped the shark after 1992; that episode where they let that third lying bastard in just to shake things up was hilarious.

Caught a little bit of it on the radio, but, well, nothing much to write home about. The usual platitudes. Didn't hear enough to really single anything out for praise or criticism. The show has settled into a pretty comfortable formula at this point and they're not about to shake up audience expectations.

Two more episodes left this season. Maybe I'll catch one of those and have more to say. In the meantime, I'm sure Stewart and Colbert will have the highlights.


Paris, 1984. Uploaded by somebody named wazoo17 -- have a feeling I'll be using more of his videos in the future.

Who? Who? WHO?

I've said before that I don't know who I'm going to vote for this year. Romney's right out, and I just don't think I can grit my teeth to vote Obama again either.

Johnson? There are things I like about him but if I can't grit my teeth to vote for a Democrat I sure don't see how I can grit my teeth to vote for a Libertarian. The Libertarian Party has become synonymous with a total lack of empathy for the less fortunate and an obscene worship of big business. Johnson's one of those guys like Ron Paul -- he sounds good to college kids because he wants to end our foreign engagements, decrease domestic surveillance, and end the drug war -- all good things. But you start digging a little deeper into his policies? Not only does he want to replace the IRS with a flat tax, the dude wants to abolish the Board of Education.

Stein? Well, I can't find any red flags with her, but unfortunately I've come to believe the Green Party is a dead end.

I used to be registered Green. I voted Nader in 2000. I saw him blamed for Gore's defeat, and the Green Party backed down and allowed itself to be controlled by that narrative. The leadership told Nader he couldn't campaign in swing states if he was going to run on their ticket again, and he told them he would campaign wherever he wanted.

(A quick aside: While I acknowledge Nader was one of many factors in Florida in 2000, I believe that saying "It's Nader's fault" is corrosive because it lets many more important factors off the hook: the voter disenfranchisement efforts, the intervention by Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, the Supreme Court ruling, and -- most importantly, to my mind -- the point that Gore ran a terrible campaign. Nader makes a convenient scapegoat for the Democratic Party, but saying "It was Nader" implies it wasn't any of those other things, and does nothing to address them. Meanwhile, voter disenfranchisement, government by cronyism, a deeply partisan Supreme Court, and Democrats behaving like Republicans continue to be problems, even as Nader has ceased to be an issue.)

I didn't vote Nader in '04 -- I went lesser-evil that time and backed Kerry, because Bush was just so bad. But I think the Green Party made a huge tactical error in retreating from Nader and cowering under criticism from the Democrats and the media. Honestly, what's the worst possible thing that could have happened if Nader had run as a Green in '04 -- John Kerry might have lost?

Meanwhile, the Green Party proved it's not willing to fight, and will back down any time people say mean things about it. If I wanted a nominally-liberal party that backpedaled under criticism, I'd just vote Democratic.

(I'll say one thing for the Green Party, though -- at least they didn't nominate Roseanne Barr.)

Still, I don't see anyone else who's better. I loved the idea of Americans Elect, but I think we all knew how it would end going in -- get a bunch of people on the Internet trying to choose a candidate, you wind up with a bunch of Ron Paul write-ins.

I've said before that I'm sorely tempted just to write Carter's name in. He's as likely to win as any third-party candidate (and only slightly less likely to win Arizona's electoral votes than Obama). And then I could tell people I voted for Carter, even though I'm only thirty years old.

Worth it to throw my vote away for a joke? Hell, maybe; way I see it, I'm throwing my vote away no matter what. (So why vote at all? Well, there's plenty on the ballot where my vote might make a difference: taxes, overrides, bonds, County Sheriff...) I guess a tick mark under "Green" might have ever-so-slightly a higher influence than a tick mark under "Other" in the final tally, but not very much. The Green Party certainly won't reach the threshold for federal matching funds; it didn't when Nader was running and it's only gotten less popular since.


Well, an update to the earlier, written-in-advance post: I can now update My current career trajectory is "Oh good, I haven't been laid off this week." to My current career trajectory is "Oh good, I'm not laid off for three more weeks."

I am, as you might expect, less than entirely sanguine about this turn of events.

And so, Broken Hearts Are for Assholes.

(Also: Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?)

The uploader, headofshinobi, says this is Elio e le Storie Tese, featuring Ike Willis.

I always kinda wanted to do a video that combined Broken Hearts Are for Assholes with Rocky Horror. Because, you know, brokenhearted asshole.

Ain't Nothin' But a Number, But Yeah That Number is 30.

I am thirty years old today.

(Well, I'm actually not, as I write this. I am writing it early so I can go drinking Monday night instead of writing a blog post about being 30.)

There are things to grouse about, I guess. It really is hard to believe my twenties went by so fast. My current career trajectory is "Oh good, I haven't been laid off this week." I'm losing my hair and I'm more fragile than I used to be -- asthma and allergies and I haven't had this many headaches since my teens and a couple weeks ago I started getting dizzy spells again though I'm pretty sure that was just because I was using a damn expired inhaler.

On the other hand, I feel good. I'm in better shape all the time -- I'm tempted to say "best shape of my life", but on the other hand in college I lived at a seven-thousand-foot elevation and biked everywhere. Then again, my waist was four inches bigger around then than it is now.

I've got a nice house, a wonderful fiancée, toys that keep me busy and challenged, and ideas for what I'm going to try next. Maybe I'll narrate audiobooks. Maybe I'll finally make that RPG that's been puttering about in the back of my mind since high school. Maybe I'll help build an art project with my uncle and then he'll draw my comic book about that time I went to the ER a few years back.

Neil Gaiman gave a great speech this year about following your dreams -- there's a mountain, he said, and even if you can't get there yet, just try and take one step closer in everything you do. Put like that? My life looks pretty good. I may not be where I want to be, but I'm always moving closer, a little bit at a time.

Plenty of time ahead of me. Hell, the amount of time between now and the day I have to renew my driver's license is longer than my entire life to date. (Arizona: not all bad.)

And always doing something to move a little closer to the mountain? I guess that's one reason I started blogging daily (or 5 days a week with Zappa posts 7 days a week, or whatever it is I'm keeping to right now). It's just a thing to do. It's discipline. I started working out, and I started writing something every day. (Well, not started writing something every day, because I've been doing that all my life. But started posting something here every day.) People seem to like the stuff I write. It makes me feel good. Maybe someday I'll be able to do something creative and make money at it; in the meantime, at least I'm keeping some measure of schedule and focus, however small.

And hey, thanks to the people who read this. Thanks still more to the people who write things to me. (Maybe I should take that animation of Mickey Mouse violating Silent Bob off my contact page. I'm 30 years old.)