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Wilkinson Sword Razors

So I was in the Wal-Mart the other day (a place I hope to spend less time now that I have a job again) and noticed they had double-edged razors priced ten for $1.76. It was a brand I hadn't tried yet, Wilkinson Sword, but that's about the lowest price I've ever seen on razors so I picked up a pack.

They're pretty good! I've been using them for two weeks now and I'd say they're not quite as good as Bic (still my favorite) but are as good as most other brands I've tried. Perfectly decent shave, only the occasional nick, and you can't beat that price. Recommended.


Welp, I didn't post anything yesterday.

That's the first day I've missed since last June.

I didn't miss a day of posting when I went to Montana. I didn't miss a day of posting when I got married.

But, the server went down for a couple days, so here we are.

It happens. My hosting is comped by a former employer. And I know my old boss has had a busy day or two getting everything back up and running. He's a good guy, and it's not an easy job -- I think they've fixed a lot of what was wrong when I was working there, but I'd wager he's still overworked and underpaid.

For my part, I started at a new job today -- coincidentally, the same company that I refused an offer from to go to work for the aforementioned hosting company back in aught-six. I suppose it remains to be seen whether I'll be overworked and/or underpaid there -- but I wasn't today. Easy setup stuff today.

And then I came home and, for the first time in a month, felt good enough to hop on the elliptical.

It's good to be getting back in the swing of things. In both cases.

I think tomorrow I'll even get up early and hit the elliptical before work.

Reading: Rapture of the Nerds, by Stross and Doctorow.


Made a couple changes to the blog over the weekend. Upgraded WordPress. Added a tag cloud (which I've been meaning to do since I first added tags and would have done a lot sooner if I'd known how easy it was -- all it takes is the wp_tag_cloud() function, though there are fancier ways of doing it). Maybe I'll move it; it might make more sense by Categories than down past Archives.

I also switched visited links from navy to indigo (in the main body; they're still navy in the sidebar), because the navy text was too hard to tell apart from black.

No major work on the backend, though I should probably overhaul it at some point. It works well enough but there's some ugly hard-coded shit in there that I have the good professional self-respect to be embarrassed by. I'll get around to it one of these days.

Tonight You Belong to Me

So I got married today.

(Well, "today" by the time you read this. As I'm writing this it's still February 22. By the time this posts I expect to be nowhere near my keyboard. ...but there are still going to be people in my house. Don't try to rob the place.)

So, breaking from Zappa, here's the song we used for our first dance.

We connected on, some four years ago. One of the first things we bonded over was a mutual appreciation of The Jerk. So, to that end, here's Tonight You Belong to Me, performed by Folk Uke:

Folk Uke are, as the name implies, a comedy folk ukelele duo, made up of Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson. They are the daughters of exactly the two famous musicians you think they are. You can buy their self-titled album, on which the studio version of Tonight You Belong to Me appears, on Amazon or direct from Rising Son Records.


To my friends, and to my family:

I may not remember the details of this evening. Because, to be perfectly honest, you convinced me to drink rather a lot of beer.

But I will never forget that you were here.

Thank you. And I'll see you at the wedding.


By the time this posts I should be well into an evening of drunken revels. My good friends Brad and Felipe are furnishing homebrew for this, the party before my wedding. (Not really a bachelor party per se, as we've got ladies and children coming along as well.)

Maybe I'll have pictures to share later. In the meantime, here's my favorite drinking song:

Cleanup Duty

Today I vacuumed up the spiderwebs on my back porch and hosed down the block and tile. Then I went to the barber, and then the dentist.

Tomorrow I hope to get the front side of the house done. And then I need to do the inside. And learn to tie a bowtie.


Better every day. Throat's still sore, but I'm starting to get my energy and balance back.

Cough's worse, though, and neither cough syrup nor inhaler are doing much good. As such I still don't want to engage in any kind of physical exertion -- hell, it's so bad I don't even want to drive right now, for fear of having a coughing fit and running off the damn road.

Haven't even made it downtown for comics. I've managed to get this far without finding out who dies in Batman Inc #8 and am hoping my luck holds.

At least I'm feeling good enough to contact people about the party before the wedding next week. Just not quite good enough to actually clean my house up so I can have people in it.

Struck Down!

I seem to have caught something. Sore throat, cough, aches and a general lack of energy.

I guess it's better I get it now than a week from now; I've got time to rest up and take my vitamins and hopefully beat it back well in advance of my pending nuptials.

But man it is interfering with any tasks more complex than "send people E-Mail to let them know when to be here".

I still need to buy a bowtie.


So the site didn't resolve for a good chunk of yesterday. That's down to a problem with the hosting provider; both its nameservers were down. That's a fucked-up day; I sure am glad I don't work there anymore.

I should probably back this thing up more often, just in case. I write up all my posts in a text editor anyway, and could restore them by simple copy-paste if ever needed, but it would take awhile.

Running the backend of the hosting company (which also offers rent-an-admin services, and which at the time was also a DSL and dialup ISP) is the toughest job I've ever had -- and the worst-paying, which is why I finally left; I'd have been happy to take a high-pressure job or a low-paying one, but not both at the same time. I've certainly got my share of bad memories of being called in on a Sunday due to a network meltdown -- actually, again, it was the third or fourth consecutive time that happened on a Sunday when my boss had promised to cover it and said it was okay for me to take a 25-mile trip to Tempe that I decided I couldn't keep doing it.

That boss is long gone, though, and another of my old bosses is back in charge. I'm glad he's got things in hand but I sure don't envy him -- and keep in mind, that's coming from a guy who's been unemployed for the past four months.