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Letterman, '82

Dave asks the same old questions -- "Why did you choose those names for your kids?", "What's it like at your house?" -- but they seem to be having a great deal of fun anyway.


My Dutch is rusty, but this appears to be a TV piece on Zappa in Rotterdam. Bits of Dancin' Fool, Ms. Pinky, and Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? Uploaded by BeeldenGeluid.

Monday Conference Part 3

Zappa talks about being misquoted and quoted out of context. Speaking of protest movements, he notes that US culture is fad-oriented; later in the interview, he speaks of how it is artificially fragmented into subcultures.

I certainly think both those problems have come into play in the protest movements of the past few years, Tea Party and Occupy alike.

Who Knows? Take a Chance!

Pretty sure I haven't posted this yet.

Zappa discussing the problem with record labels and how it's harder to sell something unusual to a young exec who thinks he gets it and an old guy who knows he doesn't. Uploaded by schavira. And yet more on the PMRC, sex, and masturbation (which apparently had to be bleeped on whatever TV program this is).

...I tried to find something a little more related to creators' rights to tie in with my last post, but I am turning into an old man and was hoping to get to bed by 10 o'clock. Migraine's gone and vertigo's under control, but I'm still trying to get over a sore throat.

Gumbel Interview

The Today Show, 1990. Discussion of Zappa's influence in Czechoslovakia before, during, and after the fall of communism, his contribution to Jacques Cousteau's Outrage at Valdez, and his interest in politics combined with his distaste for major and third parties alike.

Frank Zappa's Classical Comeback

Posted by, no shit, the Financial Times on June 20. You know, for everything that's wrong with the British press, you sure as hell wouldn't see an American paper with a name like "The Financial Times" doing this story in America.