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This Week on "Nobody Involved with Bones Gives a Fuck Whether Computers Behave in a Remotely Rational or Coherent Fashion"...

...somebody gets an E-Mail -- "probably spam" -- and it allows Angela to decrypt every encrypted E-Mail she's ever gotten.

This somehow manages to be the stupidest thing in an episode about a mutant virus injected into a blogger with a microneedle that, still attached to her skeleton, then manages to jab one of the interns and infect him too.

Well maybe next week's episode will be less stupid.

...wait. Season finale? Fuck. That means another Pelant episode.

Well, maybe they'll finally just fucking shoot him and next season's premiere will be less stupid.

Palladium '81 - MTV Intro

Imagine -- MTV didn't just used to play music, they actually did live shows by esoteric acts.

And let him talk about The Illinois Enema Bandit.

This show's out on DVD, and you can find recordings all over YouTube. (I've embedded one or two on my own over the past year or so, though I generally try not to post stuff that's available commercially.) But this is the first time I've seen this bit and I'm guessing it's not on the DVD. (Not sure; haven't seen it in its entirety -- maybe I'll buy it and find out. Nice having a disposable income again.)

Musical Bicyclist

Frank on The Steve Allen Show in 1963. My mom was about six weeks old, and Zappa's looking pretty young there himself.

Uploaded by Dave David.

Bobby Brown Goes Down

This seems like another one I didn't post because of the title -- but then again, it didn't stop me from headling a post "Crumpet-Munching Assholes: The Story Behind Bobby Brown Goes Down.

This is a pretty poor-quality video with pretty poor-quality audio, but looks like one of those rarities that's worth sharing. According to uploader Dave David it's from a 1978 special called Ohne Maulkorb.

(You know, since I mention it, I heard a coworker talking about how great Zappa is today, too. Like I say: starting to dig this place.)