Sonic '02

Holy shit, it's Girard!Do you have a yearning for an era when a 14.4 modem made you a complete badass? When MCI codes fooled you into thinking the co-sysop had told everyone your password and address? When you took solace in the fact that, no matter how much you hated all the girls at your junior high, at least you could get laid by Violet?


Well, fuck.

Well...the important thing is, I did. And now, courtesy of SynchroNet BBS Software and a generous redirect by Terra, you can relive the glory days of being whacked with a pretty stick by the old man on Sonic '02.

Give Sonic '02 a look. Telnet to ...If that's not enough information for you, check out my quick-and-dirty guide to hooking up.

KateStory XI

Sonic '01 was host to KateStory XI.

Other BBS Stuff

The good news: Michael Presslar, the new developer of the most popular BBS door game of all time, Legend of the Red Dragon, has added a feature to allow people to script their own random forest events. The bad news: he accidentally left out the pretty stick/ugly stick events.

Luckily for LORD fans everywhere, I've coded them back in myself, and added an event of my own starring Dr. Frank-N-Furter. You can get them all in custom.ldy.

(I've also added an event starring Girard, but I intend to wait awhile before posting its source. In the meantime, you can play it on my BBS.)

Created 01.04.11
Uploaded 01.04.11
Last Updated 02.09.23