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More Duke and Brock

Skipping straight to the Zappa post tonight, which isn't even really a Zappa post but another one of former bandmates George Duke and Napoleon Murphy Brock. In the studio circa 1978, with Sheila E on drums. Uploaded by zappainfrance.

That's What She Said

Duke and Brock in a weird, fun little interview that appears to have been filmed by cellular telephone, spending a lot of words saying not very much about funny turns of phrase that also say not very much.

(When I was in high school, our equivalent of "That's what she said" was "Bend over and I'll show you." Which I believe is a Christmas Vacation reference. Good times.)

Duke in '99

North Sea Jazz Festival. Uploaded by Radio6NL.

A bit about Frank, and some interesting talk about the difference between a piano and a synthesizer, and '80's-vintage synth and how far it had come by 1999.

Funky as an Old Toenail

A 2008 interview with George Duke -- this one's got little directly to do with Zappa, but he gets a namedrop and there are certainly moments that are Zappa-esque.

Uploaded by HeadsUpRecords.

Bodgie Dada excerpt

A clip from a 1973 appearance on Australia TV, used in Bodgie Dada, a documentary on the history of Australian jazz. Uploaded by Brian Smith.


U of Cincinatti, 1973; uploaded by Whoaduderighteous.

Inca Roads Solo

More George Duke, this from 1973; uploaded by Steve Sparx.

(Actually George isn't the only one to solo; Ruth Underwood and Bruce Fowler get some time to shine in there too.)

Brazilian Love Affair/Echidna's Arf

More George Duke -- I may stay on a George Duke kick for awhile. (Which probably isn't so different from usual, I suppose -- I post plenty of George Duke anyway.)

Most of this isn't Zappa, but the bit of Arf at the end is.

Uploaded by juntos.