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Outside Now

Cover by Two Apple Tobacco, Vancouver, 2012; uploaded by the band.

Cruising for Burgers

Cover by Fast and Bulbous, which appears to be an Italian group. Uploaded by Alberto Ciafardoni. Sound's not great and somebody's screwing around way too much with iMovie's filters, but what the hell, I'm tired and have a headache and it's still kinda cool anyway.


Hosted and posted by Godlyke; discussing Dweezil's use of 3 TWA Tiskelion effects pedals. Bits of Po-Jama People throughout.

Freeman Report, Part 5

Not feeling so hot this evening -- indeed, I feel so lousy that I did not buy comics today, despite having finished last week's -- so I'm going to forego my regular daily post and go straight to Zappa.

Anyway, here's the finale. Zappa talks about drugs, of the legal and illegal varieties.

And then, food.

And then more on legal drugs, the occasional moment where he sees a politician say something honest and courageous, and closing out talking about his kids.

Freeman Report, Part 3

Zappa manages a few positive words for a televangelist, then pivots into his anger at the exaltation of ignorance (as contrasted with stupidity, which he says has its charm). Then into a subject that's been dear to my heart since before I ever read any Orwell: the changing definition of political words like conservative so that they've lost all their original meaning.