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Evening Magazine, 1982

Okay, I admit it: this was the most recent post at the top of tomtiddler1's channel. It's late and I'm tired.

The first couple of minutes are pretty rote, especially for the early 1980's -- Zappa's a genius but has achieved modest commercial success and Valley Girl is his most popular song ever -- but once they get into the dub room it's more fun.

And neat bits at the end about Dweezil, who Frank calls "a very excellent guitar player, even though he's only twelve years old" -- not idle praise.

Dweezil Solo

Two-minute Dweezil solo. You know, I think this guy's pretty good.

Video made and uploaded by pigtronix.

Teenage Prostitute rehearsals

UMRK, 1981. Audio quality's not good, particularly on the voices, which is a pity because I've always enjoyed Lisa Popeil. And it's not exactly entertaining listening, what with all the starting and stopping -- but fascinating to hear.

Uploaded by YourArf.

Budapest, '91

The sound quality's not great, and what talking there is isn't in English, but there's some lovely instrumental playing in there anyhow. Uploaded by titokzatoscsatater.

Letterman, '82

Dave asks the same old questions -- "Why did you choose those names for your kids?", "What's it like at your house?" -- but they seem to be having a great deal of fun anyway.