Enemies List

This is not a list for enemies like George W. Bush or Steve Case. They get enough bad press without me going out of my way to bitch about them. It is not a place for me to bitch about my family; that's for people who use Steve Case's service and support George W. Bush to do. This is for the unsung villains, the true bastards who subtly corrupt lives...and who have, in some way, corrupted mine and made me vow vengeance.


This site provided me a 10-question practice test. I got 90% on it. The only reason I missed one is because the answer was grammatically incorrect and thus invalid ("All of the above" instead of "Any of the above").

$100 later, I got considerably less than 90% on the A+ Core Exam. I don't believe the adaptive test is due to be instituted until the end of the year, but I was nonetheless grilled rather mercilessly in electrical knowledge I didn't have.

Was aplustest.com the only study resource that misguided me into thinking my $100 would be well-spent? No. I didn't put all my eggs in one basket. Three study guides all lied to me about how well I would do. But aplustest.com was the worst.

(Ironically enough, the testing software that failed me had the date listed as 8/2/100.)


Turner Broadcasting System was one of the networks MST3k fans approached a bit over a year ago in the hopes that the show might be saved. Network execs responded that they couldn't save the show because they had a full line-up until 2004.

Here is a screen grab from tvguide.com.

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