The Official Furry Phantasy Image Hack Archive

May include miscellaneous hacks.

In the beginning, there was Brent. And he was beefy.

Sometime after the beginning, Brent and his plucky yet inept pal, Thaddeus "X" Boyd, set out upon a mystical journey.

However, after about five minutes, they got hopelessly lost and found themselves trapped hopelessly in a world of transvestite lions, self-insertion fics, and, most hideous of all, corrupt empaths-turned-AOL-gamehosts.

Brent's been tossing this script around for years. Just his luck, when he finally started work on the game...I was bored.


Brent's original Crappy Demo (1.0) was, for all intents and purposes, completely unplayable. It was, at best, a vague and only marginally accurate visual display of things to come. However, to me it was a sign that a years-old idea was coming to fruition...and, better still, it gave me something to do while bored.

Tech Lab

The Tech Lab patch was the ultimate result of spring break boredom. An homage to my roots in the Tempe High tech lab, it was later the inspiration to Brent's Crappy Demo II.

Install: techlab.bat
Uninstall: untechlab.bat
Delete: deltechlab.bat


Despite advances made in Crappy Demo II 1.1 (most notably, images' placing being focused at their centers), I stuck to the original version when I made the Webmaster patch. Why? I thought Brent said he's sticking with the original Crappy Demo as his template for future updates. But evidently he actually didn't. D'oh.

Anyway...this one's a tribute to two of my favorite webmasters.

...Oh...and that thing on Thor's shield is supposed to be the MST3k planet ball logo, in case you missed it.

Install: webmaster.bat
Uninstall: unwebmaster.bat
Delete: delwebmaster.bat

Webmaster 1.1

The day after I created, and the same day as I posted, the Webmaster patch, I decided there were too many good things in Crappy Demo II 1.1 to pass up. Therefore, I modified the Webmaster patch into the Webmaster Patch 1.1. It features a bigger Sharkey sprite and a sound suite.

Install: webmaster.bat
Uninstall: unwebmaster.bat
Delete: delwebmaster.bat


The most infantile thing ever.  Really.

Four months later, given sufficent fuel, I decided it was about time for another hack. Unfortunately, after messing with the compression for an hour or so, I realized there was no way I could figure out how Brent did his animations, so I had to bite the bullet and actually ask him for help. Oh well.

I named this one after the realization that Brent named his last demo cd.exe. I then wracked my brain wondering what could possibly be a stupider name for a file. Then, I was struck by genius...The del. Patch.

Install: del..bat
Uninstall: undel..bat
Delete: deldel..bat

Created 00.04.03
Uploaded 00.04.04
Last Updated 00.12.31