It's weird. It's wacky. It's wonderful. Adjectives defy me. Truly only one word properly describes it:


Begun by Stefanie "Kate" [...] in Sonic '94
Written by Sonic '9X and Its Two (Extremely Short-Lived) Sister Clubs
Edited and With Foreword By Thad "X" Boyd

Overall, I would put this story at "PG" level, or maybe "PG-13" if you really care about language. The "F-word" is used once, as well as taking the Lord's name in vain and, occasionally, coupling it with the "D-Word".

In specific categories, here's what I have to say (1=least offensive; 10=most. 0=none.)

Violence: 2

Not really anything of note in this department.

Profanity: 7

For the most part, I left in the "$@#%" stuff, but I changed it in places where it was obvious what word the author really intended to use (eg "#=!!" or "s**t").

Sex: 2

There's a bit of sexual innuendo in here, but nothing that could really qualify as being "sick".

Other: 5

If you're offended by anything that doesn't conform to reality as you know it, go away. =)


by, in case you didn't read the previous page, Thad "X" Boyd

Ah, those were the days. Sonic '94 flourished, mainly due to the traffic Prodigy itself had back in those days. Now the place is deserted, abandoned, at last, by the last remaining loyal fools like Brenton and myself...point of fact, more or less just Brenton and myself were around for the last six months. Buuuut, the goal here is to remember the Good Ol' Days™®, so I'll gladly retell the story.

It doesn't start with a dark and stormy night. It doesn't even start with a house. It starts with an enthusiastic co-president by the name of Stefanie "Kate" [...], who, on October 22, 1994, made history.

KateStory, as I eventually termed it, has gone through many different incarnations, posted by many different authors. But, bottom line: it was completely off-the-wall! You'll find some of the chapters herein contradict each-other, but that actually became a plot device -- termed the "Median Effect", when two authors simultaneously wrote contradicting chapters, making even more bizarre stuff ensue. I've kept the bulk of the contradictory chapters, but as for "contributions" that completely contradicted the story and were thereby ignored, I've tossed those.

A note on my arrangement: I put OOC (out-of-character, ie un-story-related) stuff in boldface. Of course, sometimes OOC stuff crosses over with the story, in which case I keep it un-boldfaced. =)

And on the point of my reckoning (parts I, II, III, IV, etc.), note that nobody has ever agreed on which part was what. That's why (in one of my contributions) I refer to what are herein referred to as Parts II-IV as "Book 2", whereas Brent refers to them as both two and 3. Here, I just started a new "part" every time the story was restarted.

As for the cheezy bits, I will not be held responsible for them (especially not the ones I wrote! ;)). Be forewarned, by Part III you will nearly constantly be assailed with references to books, video games, the occasional BBS door game...and perhaps a shameless plug to a (then) work in progress. Oh, and some of us put a character or two OOC...this can be attributed to not getting the reference. (Case in point: having not yet read The Hitchhiker's Trilogy at the time, I miscast Marvin the Paranoid Android as actually being paranoid instead of just manically depressed.)

If you don't understand it, you're not alone. If you do understand it, contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ask for either Agent Mulder or Scully. No, wait, Mulder's dead and the X-Files have been dissolved. Or at least we've been led to believe he is and they have. Hey, come to think of it, that episode began with the text Believe the Lie rather than The Truth Is Out There...hmmmm...I think it's a subliminal message. But enough musing over TV shows; since (for the time being, at least) Mulder and Scully are unable to assist you, I'll leave it at, if you do understand it, seek professional help.

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