Link to me.

Here are several animated banners you can use to link my page if you'd like. Of course, you may butcher them or any other imagery on my page however you like to link me, just so long as you're linking me.

I went a bit nuts with this one. It's the most intricate of all the banners here, but it's also the biggest, at 392K. Use it if you don't care about your visitors' download time. ;)

This is the first banner I came up with. Not quite as intricate as the one above, but about a quarter of its size at 102K.

The "Lite" version of my bar includes only the last few frames, cutting it down to 34K.

This is bar_lite.gif shrunk down to a more standard bar ad size. The smallest at 14K.

Taking bar_lite.gif to its logical conclusion, this bar takes the animations out of the above, leaving it as only a series of stills and cutting it down to 19K.

And, finally, I have an 86K flyer version of the ad. Print many copies and use them to adorn windshield wipers and poles throughout your town!

Created 00.06.22
Uploaded 00.06.22
Last Updated 06.01.14