The Holy Trinity

Ironically, STEVE'S page is the one called Sex With a Hat.

The ultimate fighting force, consisting of a handful of angry, drunken college students.

Also pictured: Brad's mouth and nostril.

Thad: The Mouthy One.

This pic crashed The Gimp.

Brentai: The Funny One.

He looks like the villain in some kinda Victorian or steampunk movie.

Cynical Steve.


Brad: The Drunk(er) One and Future Mayor of Tempe.

Luke: The Seemingly Nonexistent One.

Pyoko and Beyond

Hosted by the fantastic Terra, also graciously running my site because she rocks.


Cynical comedy and self-destructive website maintenance make Sharkey more than just another Internet personality with a cult following. Exactly what more escapes me at the moment, but dammit, he is.


The Seven Deadly Forums, the boards on Pyoko. Sharkey, Brent, and Terra's pissing grounds (to name a few), plus I complain a lot and also run (together with another Arizona college boy) a politically-oriented sub-board.


We're sorry, Thor can't come to the Web right now. He said something about getting laid. Also, his name's JR now or something. Whatever.

Friends and Family

Ya ho, ya ho...

Broadway Bound and Gagged, Tempe's Rocky Horror cast. I think I speak for all of us when I say...Ringler crotch!

(Well, actually, both Ringler and his illustrious crotch have left the cast for bigger and better things...but I must leave this reference in, as there are those who find my page solely by doing a Google search for "Ringler crotch" and hitting "I'm Feeling Lucky".)

...Yes, that's me.  On the bottom.

Another Arizona Rocky Horror cast, the one I call home: Beyond Any Measure. For those of you who, for some reason, want to see me in a corset and fishnets. ...On the plus side, it also contains pictures of some damned sexy women similarly attired.

Have you ever wanted to see Columbine, the Oswald assassination, and Mary Poppins all thrown together in a surrealistic series of images resembling scenes from The Sims or A Link to the Past? Of course you have. And only Jon Haddock delivers.

Uncle Ben: my former roommate and general badass mofo. (Uh-oh, I just called him a badass mofo. Now his parents can't look at my site.)


Mozilla Firefox, my browser of choice. You don't have to pick Firefox, but please, for the love of God, if you're using IE, stop.

You are now the bitch of...SLACKWARE LINUX!

I've been running Linux exclusively since December '02, and went from Slackware (The Hard Way) to Gentoo (The Long Way). I also consider my Knoppix CD one of the single greatest tools in the history of mankind, surpassed only by the Phillips-head screwdriver in terms of use for computer maintenance.


Blogs: I get my daily fix of left-wing propaganda from Tom Tomorrow. Bob Harris and Billmon are also favorites, and I check August and Atrios pretty often too.

Comics: Doonesbury, the old liberal comic strip standby, Boondocks, which seems way too hip and edgy for the mainstream press but somehow gets printed there anyway, and This Modern World, the perennial left-wing independent strip.

Democratic Presidential Candidates: Okay, so Kerry's got a lock on the nomination. But if your state still has primaries to come, give Dennis Kucinich some love.

Tech news: I read The Register every weekday for tech news.

Robert Anton Wilson, '60's radical and one of my favorite authors: his personal page and his homepage for The Guns and Dope Party.

Comic Books

We're not a couple.

Christopher Priest, the legend behind such brilliance as Black Panther and Quantum and Woody -- both cancelled now. D'oh. Well, there's still The Crew. (Update: The Crew has been cancelled.)

Best Arc Ever -- Quite possibly my all-time favorite comic book.

First one to ask why they're all wearing red masks gets bitchslapped. -- home to a wealth of information on every incarnation of the TMNT -- including Peter Laird and Jim Lawson's kickass new comic.

Stuff That Just Strikes My Fancy

(Bend over and I'll strike your fancy.)

You've heard Servo quote Dirty Love during Manos: Hands of Fate. You've heard Mike quip, "Ow, weasels ripped my flesh again!" during Werewolf. And you laughed. But never in your wildest dreams did it occur to you that you should put up an entire site devoted to Zappa refs in MST3K. Well...this guy did. contains Lovecraft's entire collected works.

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