Tempe High

The Zelda Quest

Ah, high school. Everybody says those are the golden years of youth, the times you'll want to remember always.

I've long searched for a way to record my high school experiences for posterity. Long series of rambling anecdotes? Nah, too cliché. Musical starring twenty-eight-year-old actors? Nah, too much effort.

And then, one day, Brent linked The Zelda Classic Homepage. At that point, my purpose in life became clear. Tempe High: The Zelda Quest. I challenge you to find a more accurate portrayal of high school life.

Demo 1

The 1st demo is almost, but not quite, completely unplayable. I've managed to replace Link with me and put together the campus. (Steve will complain that Tempe High students have an unfair advantage, but, thanks to the scale difficulties of fitting Tempe High onto an 8x16 grid, this is completely untrue. For one thing, west is up. For another, I have, for the time being, haphazardly combined different elements of different years; the parking lot that was added my senior year is present, yet Taysom's room is still located where it was my freshman.)

There are only a couple enemies and a couple items. I am quite proud of my animation, but my Taysom and Miller/deNeui sprites leave some things to be desired. Oh well. It should be fun for about five minutes. ...Unless you're shrewd enough to figure out how much goddamn time it took me to make all those brick tiles. Then you'll worship me for the rest of your life.

Demo 2

Taysom looks like Mr. Garrison.

A 20-cent piece!

The 2nd demo has made a considerable amount of progress, and contains the following notable features:

  • Sprite overhauls:
    • Octoroks are now Tennis Ball Launchers!
    • Goriyas are now balding goateed teachers! (deNeui is the one you fight to get the boomerang, but the rest could be any balding, goateed teachers...which covers about half the English department.)
    • Rupees are 20-cent pieces; 5x rupees are dollars!
    • New boomerang graphics!
    • Big shield replaced with Shield of Thespis!
    • Statues at level entrances replaced with Comedy and Tragedy!
  • Two shops added!
  • A map! A very bad one, but still a map!
  • The first two levels completed! (Well, I forgot to add the compass to the second one, but damn near!)
  • Each level contains unique set of graphics that were much more trouble to make than they're worth! (That's why I haven't gotten started on Level 3 yet.)
  • Three new MIDIs: the final cut for the Freshman Year Overworld Theme and two level BGM's!

In short, it's made major advances over the original version, but there's still a hell of a lot more ground to cover. What's next, you might ask?

Those are tennis ball launchers. If you don't understand now, you never will.

I'm sorry, deNeui. I really am.

Demo 3

Could it be?! Yes! Icons!

No substantial updates this time, I fear. (Well, except I added the Compass to Level 2.) Purely graphical...but I couldn't help myself. Added some pillars, grass, trees, and other assorted cosmetics, turned the hearts into the Hitchhiker's Guide logo, changed some more enemies, and damn it looks too good not to share. ...And I finally fixed the "enemies die and it cycles through the heart container, watch, compass, and other assorted weird tiles" bug. ...Yeah, yeah, I know, it was possibly the most amusing portion of the game up to this point, but c'mon, you knew I wasn't going to keep it that way forever...

Grass! Benches! And an earlier version of the now decent-looking map!

New look for the tiles, with the current version of the map.

Demo 4

No revolutionary advances, so only one screenshot.

Demo 4 could have included Level 3, but I decided to keep that under wraps for now. Suffice to say, I have finished Level 3. However, I don't want this to turn into a serialized game, so I don't plan to unveil any more levels until it's finished. However, I have made significant enough progress in my graphical alterations to feel a new demo is worth releasing. New enemies, new items (sorry, but since I've blocked off Level 3, you can't actually get the Chakram -- flagrant false advertising, I know), and an overworld map I'm so happy with that it may well actually be the final version. Enjoy!

Demo 5

F redesign
I've redesigned the halls. I think they look much better like this.
Riding a stool through the Nexus of Worlds!
(Actually, I never rode the stool. That was Brad.)

You know that bit about not unveiling any more levels until the game was finished? Well, it's been over a year since I said that, and now I've changed my mind. Enjoy Demo 5. A laurel and hearty handshake to MetaStaiford for a bit of encouragement that solidified this decision.

So what's new? Well, the game itself is about 50% along; the first two years are complete (and it only took me a year and a half!). I've decided, in this version, to leave them completely playable, meaning you can also play through levels 3 and 4. The cutoff point is a few screens into Level 5, which actually means you can safely wander around the Junior year overworld (well...I don't know about safely, but you won't wander off into nothingness). As for graphics (which are the most difficult and time-consuming part of this thing), I'd like to think they're considerably more than 50% complete. I still have to replace a few regular enemies, most of the bosses, and the layouts for levels 6-9.

K redesign
Another redesigned hall.
The subscreen as it currently stands.

Still to Come

So what's coming up? Four separate (but similar) overworld maps, an eventual total graphic replacement (or at least alteration), and, of course, the other five levels. Salivating yet? Good. Because I've witheld the coolest thing I've got up my sleeve.

Zelda Bestiary

A ways into working with ZQuest, I realized something: it's a bitch if you don't know even one or two enemy names.

In that vein, I've tossed together (if by "tossed together" you mean "spent way too much friggin' time on"...but that pretty much applies to all my ZQuest experiences up to this point) a Zelda Bestiary.

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