The Holy Trinity

Episode 2: Brentai Joins

by Brentai

As Brentai makes his way back home, he is approached by a mysterious shadowy figure.

Mysterious Shadowy Figure Are you the strider Brentai?
Brentai Who are you?
Mysterious Shadowy Figure I'm a mysterious shadowy figure.
Brentai ...
Mysterious Shadowy Figure A member of our 1337 squad of crimefighters has requested that you once again work with him. His codename is TB9. We wanted to call him 'Diordna', but TB9 sounds more secretive.
Brentai TB...? OH! You mean Thaddeus Boyd!
Mysterious Shadowy Figure ...shut up.
Brentai So what are you going to do if I refuse to cooperate? Terminate me?
Mysterious Shadowy Figure No. We will knock you unconscious, drag your lifeless form back to our secret base in Flagstaff, Arizona, and give you cybernetic implants that will keep your hair from falling forward.
Brentai ...makes sense.
Mysterious Shadowy Figure If you cooperate, we will give you a card that allows you to obtain sandwiches.
Brentai That sounds good. I'm tired of living off of Cup Ramen. Still, I'm going to have to refuse. It's general principle, you see... what are you doing with that golf club?
Augh!  AUGH!!!  AUUGGGHHHH!!!!! Hey, it IS physical contact with a female. You're mean.
Neo Brentai Ungh... augh. Man. I just had a dream where a voluptuous Japanese 10-year-old was beating me senseless with a golf club.
TB9 That was real.
Neo Brentai There were cycloptic Thors there, too!
TB9 ...that wasn't.
Neo Brentai Do you know that part of your hair is blue?
TB9 Do you know that your hair is incapable of falling forward?
Neo Brentai ...!
Mysterious Shadowy Figure How are you gentlemen!
Neo Brentai It's you!
TB9 What you say!!
Mysterious Shadowy Figure Brentai, I ask you again. Join us. We will give you meal passes and a cool theme song.
Neo Brentai Well, fuck, why didn't you mention the theme song earlier? I'm so in.
Mysterious Shadowy Figure Excellent. Your code name shall be Blarg.
Neo Brentai My codename is already Blarg.
Mysterious Shadowy Figure Yes, well, I'm a mysterious shadowy figure, not a fucking artist.
TB9 ...
Mysterious Shadowy Figure Blarg, your first mission is to link to Agent TB9's incomprehensible college URL.
Neo Brentai Okay, but I'm doing this more for my own benefit more than anyone else's. While I'm at it, I'll reopen the ThorDance and Anti-Chain Letter sections, because they're there.
Mysterious Shadowy Figure Excellent. Now I shall leave you two and go find the next member of your team. THE HOLY TRINITY SHALL BE REBORN!!!!!
TB9 I feel smarter than you already.


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