The Holy Trinity

Episode 1: Thad Joins

by Thad head...

Whoa! And I only just removed the crown!


I said "So you're up."

...Where am I?

Deep within the frozen tundra of northern Arizona.

...I'm back?

Damn...I can't remember anything...The Union! What happened to it?!


Sweet Jesus. I remember now. I remember it all.

...You were damaged pretty badly. We had to turn you into a cyborg killing machine, as signified by the fact that part of your hair is blue now.

Mr. Boyd...I'm going to be blunt. We want you to help us. ...It is not an easy decision we ask of you, but...

Do I get a card that allows me to obtain sandwiches?


Do it.

Bear in mind you'll be working for us. Your past, your very identity, will be destroyed, and your name reduced to initials and a number.

In that case, I want my old team back, too.


From now on, your name is TeeBeeNine, and you are a sophomore.

Stripped of my name, my very identity. My life in shambles.

What am I fighting foooooooooooooooooooooooor?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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