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With the sleekness of the jungle cat whose name he bears, Thad "X" Boyd -- King of Wakanda -- stalks both the concrete city and the undergrowth of the Veldt. So it has been for countless generations of warrior kings, so it is today, and so it shall be, for the law of the jungle dictates that only the swift, the smart, and the strong survive! Noble champion. Vigilant Protector. College freshman!

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What's New

Archives and Enemies


The July Archive is up.

Slightly embittered after blowing $100 for a non-Y2k-compliant program to tell me I'm mechanically inept, I added an Enemies List.

New Life.

Been meaning to add to my Tempe High: The Zelda Quest page; I've got a new demo prepared and several screenshots of current progress that will, knock on wood, make you drool. Maybe tomorrow.

Demo 2!


I just shaved for the first time in what I would gauge, based on the volume of hair covering the counter, razor, and sink, to be about two weeks. Remind me never to do that again.

Put up the second demo (and assorted screen shots) in the Tempe High area.

Demio 3!

I'm so original.


Addendum I was too lazy to add after noticing it: there was also a considerable amount of hair on my shirt.

Anyway, the Tempe High area has a new demo...if you're looking for more actual game, don't bother wasting your time, but give it a download if you wanna check out some really ass-kicking graphical updates.

The Last Two Seasons of Thundercats Sucked, and Other Essays

Well, really only that essay


New Stream.

Next Time'll Be a Real Update.


I'm not planning on making a trend of expressing my political views on this site (beyond "Why the hell don't they get some people who know what the hell they're doing to manage the Microsoft case? They should've been forced to opensource five years ago!"), but I added a Vote for Nader banner to the Top.

A Real Update


Brad and I have moved into our dorm at Northern Arizona University. Following this has been DVD purchase (Holy Grail. I'm not going to look up the statistics, but I bet it and The Matrix are the top two DVD purchases.) and Tang formulation. And lots and lots of network trouble.

Currently, my POP settings work but my SMTP don't. I know somebody from the List is out there; tell everybody else I'm getting their mail but can't respond. And I'm not yet desperate enough to debase myself with a Web-based client.

I also received a war wound operating a paper towel mechanism.

Okay, so maybe you don't consider this a real update. I do, and it's my page, god dammit.

Added college-related crap to Top, including new intro. Nobody even tried to guess what the quote in that last intro was. Well, here it is...

The Phoenix has risen. My destiny is true. Watch your backs, gaijin!
- The Shredder, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10, circa 1987

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Stream of Consciousness


The Last Two Seasons of Thundercats Really Sucked.


Sadly, Cartoon Network has reached the last two seasons of Thundercats in its rotation.

Those of you who followed Thundercats ten years ago may remember the last two seasons as a showcase of robotic dogs, spacefaring circus trains, telepathy beams, and even more breathing in space than usual.

I believe the worst offender was Locket of Lies (synopsis: Mumm-Ra tricks the Thundercats into falling down a hole. When they get out, he pushes them back in. Lion-O eventually remembers he has a magic sword and uses it to escape. In the meantime, a charming subplot with those two extra Snarfs they added in the last two seasons teaches us the true meaning of friendship.), but it's a really tough call.

For some reason, possibly just to put into perspective just how good the first two seasons really were, I've been watching these eps anyway, despite my prior knowledge that they suck.

Yesterday's, Telepathy Beam, revolved around Vultureman making a beam that could implant images into Cheetara's head. Not only is that a really stupid idea, but for it to work you have to overlook the fact that in the preceding 100 episodes -- that's not an estimate, Telepathy Beam was the hundred and first episode -- anyway, in the preceding 100 episodes (Lion-O's Anointment notwithstanding), the Sword of Omens has warned Lion-O of danger (albeit rather belatedly in Thundercubs -- "Oh, by the way, that guy who's been masquerading as Snarfer for the past ten minutes of the show? He's not really. ...What do you mean I should've told you that when he first showed up instead of right as he was getting his hands on the means to your destruction?").

Today's, Exile Isle, encapsulated the extremely anticlimactic capture of the Lunatacs and their (admittedly kinda cool) sentencing to a remote planet called Exile Isle. There they meet <chuckle> Captain Cracker. Remember Captain Cracker? He made Lion-O walk the plank of a spaceship. My theory as to why he returned is that, if memory serves, that was right around the time they released an action figure of him. Oddly enough, no Lunatacs ever had action figures patterned after them. Oh well, priorities...

At any rate, Cracker assures the Lunatacs that there is no way off the island. However, the Thundercats evidently forgot to take away their weapons and short-wave radio, so against all odds they're able to create a potentially dangerous situation. Lion-O goes to stop them, after some gibberish about how he can't endanger the Sword of Omens so he has to leave it behind, instead opting for a bunch of random trinkets.

The most amusing of said trinkets is Lion-O's Lie Translator™, which is some kind of tape recorder which allows him to record Alluro's voice and play back what he was really thinking. Uhhhh...yeah.

Inevitably, Lion-O decides that whole "let's not bring the magic sword" bit was a little silly, so he calls it to him. The other Thundercats are extremely surprised even though he's done this on about a weekly basis since the show started.

But here's the kicker...what does Lion-O need to finally get the Sword to defend himself against? Not the Lunatacs, no, he distracts them with candy and lie translators. (I'm really not kidding about the candy.) No, he needs to call the Sword of Omens to fend off a robotic palm tree.

Ultimately Lion-O wins, but somehow the Lunatacs rig up rockets on Cracker's shack and return to Third Earth. O...kay.

"Oh yeah, this switch marked Deus Ex Machina." - Mike Nelson, helping free Joel Robinson from the Satellite of Love (probably slightly paraphrased; I don't have a copy of Mitchell on me...although I'm guessing Ruth hasn't returned it to Blockbuster yet...)

Hmmm. Let's analyze this.

If I'm not mistaken, the Lunatacs are in all of three episodes for the remainder of the series: Wild Workout, which sucked so much ass it made the audience beg for more breathing in space; The Circus Train, which also sucked and, furthermore, was about the Lunatacs getting captured and exiled; and Cracker's Revenge, wherein the Lunatacs escape from the Circus Train and team up with Cracker again.

Hmmmm...let's think about this long and hard. ...They escape with no they can be in one more really bad episode...and then get captured and exiled again, only this time in a much stupider manner...and then they escape and reunite with the guy they met the first time they were exiled.

Way to go, writers!

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Games: Alternating between The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Books: Started Mother Night. ...Yeah, I got a Vonnegut collection as a graduation present. How'd you guess?

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